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All parents and guardians should make sure that:

  • The child under their care wears the correct clothing for football training and matches (in all weather conditions).

  • The child wears the correct football boots and shinpads.

  • The child brings water with them to drink for re-hydration.

  • The child is delivered to and collected after training and matches by the appropriate person and at the right time.

  • Respect the referee’s decision both during and after a match.

  • Show respect to all club and match officials as well as to opposition players and parents

  • Look for aspects to praise in all children not just their own.

  • Praise good behaviour quickly to show that adults value it.

  • Praise effort and performance more than results.

  • Assess and praise players skills and attitude.          

  • Emphasize playing first and winning second.

  • Be patient.

  • Give children a clear idea of the behaviour expected.

  • Give the children examples of excellent behaviour.

  • Show consistency.

  • Help them to understand the rules.

  • Adhere to the club’s standards and policies on Child Protection.

Children can expect adults TO:


Remember. . .

Children are often easily led, anxious to please and prone to over enthusiasm. So plenty of praise and positive reinforcement is needed.


Children find it hard to understand negative instructions and easier to understand positive reinforcement.


This means playing down results and playing up performance.  This will reduce the child’s anxiety and decrease any worries they may have about failing.


Children do not mean to make mistakes; mistakes are an inherent part of learning.

Children can expect that adults DO NOT:

  • Attempt to “coach” or “manipulate” the players while they are playing.

  • Use any jargon or dictate tactics.

  • Argue, swear, criticise, become violent or use sarcasm.

  • Shout aggressively.

  • Ignore children who need help.

  • Assess players by their mistakes.

  • Put the players under pressure to perform and win.

  • Embarrass them through inappropriate behaviour.


In particular, parents are reminded that the Referee is the sole judge during a match and they should not argue with, dispute or abuse the referee or other match officials in any way before, during or after a match.


All parents are expected to behave at all times in a manner that will not bring Kenilworth Town Junior Football Club into disrepute in any way.


Team managers are instructed to report any failure to adhere to the above guidelines to the Disciplinary Committee who shall have the power to advise parents and guardians that they are no longer welcome to attend games.  In extreme circumstances, the parent and the playing member may also be suspended or expelled from the club

Let the games be the teacher – we have all learnt from experience, now it’s the children’s turn.




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